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A portable high-concentration ultraviolet ozone cleaner, which combines ozone with oxygen molecules in the air through short-wavelength vacuum ultraviolet light, and uses ozone's high oxidizing power to decompose odour molecules in the air to achieve a clean environment.

1. Moderate electrical energy produces O3, leaving no NoX (nitrogen oxides).
→ Cheaper electrode type generates NoX, water forms nitric acid, erosion electrode quickly reduces deodorization efficiency.
2. Control the concentration to avoid excessive ozone causing human injury.
→ Electrode-type ozone generators pursue high-concentration ozone without considering the relative proportion of space volume.
Excessive ozone can cause chronic respiratory damage, eye irritation, bronchitis and other related diseases.
3. Good space efficiency, only one space in 10m3 space.
→ The use of large space is cost-effective, more efficient than inexpensive electrodeless ozone generators of varying quality.
4. (Experimental) Deodorization and sterilization were verified with quantitative data.
→ Both taste-improving and bactericidal effects are based on the “taste molecular measuring machine” and the “3M bacterial culture test, respectively.
The film's quantitative evidence and peace of mind can really be seen.
5. The projector is small and light.
→ 21*26*85mm, only 3.4kg with handle and stand.

1. Maintenance-free and Long-lasting Deodorizing.

2. Remove stubborn smells, clinging to rooms.

3. Portable, easy to carry

4. Easy Operation with touch panel display.


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