Washer & Dryer System for 3D Glasses
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This compact, all-in-one system washes, sanitizes and dries all 3D glasses in a 4 min. 30 sec. cycle. The glasses are perfectly clean without watermarks, streaks or spots and are ready to be distributed to movie goers right after the cleaning is completed. The machine’s low temperature method is safe for all glasses. It is user friendly, very effective and the repeatability process is amazing. The low cost of operation makes the investment pay for itself in a short period of time. 

USHIO Asia Pacific is the authorized distributor of the Kooptech® washer and dryer system.

  •      1. Short drying time - 40 Dolby® glasses dried in 50 seconds.
  •      2  Four minutes full washing-drying cycle.
  •      3. Digital display with single push function buttons.

 1. Effectiveness and repeatability of process, independent from human factor.

 2. Low cost of operation.

 3. No watermarks or streaks on surfaces. 

 4. Four minutes full washing-drying cycle.

  •     5. The operator has no direct contact with clean, sanitized and dried 3D eye wear. 
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