Therabeam UV308 Slim
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An effective treatment method for refractory skin diseases such as Vitiligo, Psoriasis Vulgaris and Palmoplantar Pustulosis. This treatment method is known as Excimer Light Phototherapy. This is a new treatment method that uses light with a new short wavelength of ultraviolet. 

This technique is effective for treating elbows, knees, and other conspicuous areas, which were considered difficult to treat in the past.

1. Safety –Designed for doctors and patients who use device for long periods of time - UVB is a double-edged sword. Depending on the protocol, risk may

    be increased or ideal efficacy would be retained for refractory skin disease.  TheraBeam UV 308 is equipped with a newly developed Excimer Filter which

    has passed precise cell testing and clinical evaluation. Ensuring safety is our first priority.


2. Targeted Phototherapy - When beginning from systemic treatment and then moving to treatment of localized reoccurrence and rashes remain only in

    certain areas, TheraBeam UV 308 offers targeted phototherapy for additional treatment. The excimer light prevents excessive irradiation of healthy skin

    areas and enables pinpoint irradiation on affected areas.

3. Excimer Filter - A 308 nm excimer light dedicated filter that maximizes efficacy and safety.

    4. Detachable attachment - Enable easy irradiation even for treatment of deep areas such  as the cervical region and axilla.





1. Easy Operation

        Doctors simply prescribed the irradiation amount. The irradiation amount is then entered by a nurse at the operation panel. 
        After aligning the position with area for irradiation, the nurse simply presses the “Irradiation Start Button”.

   2. Easy Maintenance


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