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PLUS-E provides a solution to customers that prevents a trouble of injection machine, and achieves the total cost reduction and the high productivity of a production line.

Ushio’s long selling product PLUS-E is compact, light weight and all-in-one function. The latest model PE-700 is now available for the mold monitoring with 4 cameras. The digital color processing with 4 cameras enables monitoring of a very ne and complicated molding, and a large size mold. The renewed PE-700 based on Ushio's mold support experience over 40 years and its know-how will protect the valued molding machine.

Even Faster - PLUS-E digitally processes the high definition image with full color HD resolution (2million pixels) at the outstanding speed of 0.012 seconds. It is compatible with high cycle molding at less than 1 second.

Even More Accurate - The image analysis technology of RGB digital color accurately identifies the resin color that is sometimes mis-recognized through the monochrome monitoring. More accurate color analysis reduces the machinery stops by detection error, and brings stable production.

Even Easier - The main unit has 10.4 inch touch-panel display. This large display clearly indicates the high definition (HD) images in full color. The interface is redesigned to improve the operability at setting a monitoring area and to enable intuitive, quick, and highly detailed area setting. Support Functions such as position correction and filtering to improve the monitoring precision are also automated. It saves the time for presetting.

● Reduce the mold repair cost ● Prevent the delivery delays due to the line shutdown

● Cycle Up in the production process ● Productivity improvement

● As an exterior inspection* ● Stable Quality

● Shorten the production process ● Reducing the operator's burden

● No further capital investment ● Cost Saving & Labor saving

* There is a difficult case depending on the size and shape of products

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