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1. Suitable for 4-inch-dia. substrates.

2. Manual contact Mask Aligners.

3. Can handle silicon wafer, glass, chemical compound, film, and various other materials as well as irregular-sized substrates.

4. We have verification data on various resists.

Product Specifications

Maximum substrate size 4 in. dia.
Maximum substrate thickness 2 mm
Maximum mask size 5 × 5 in.
UV lamp house Collimator type
Illuminance > 8 mW/cm2 (at 405 nm)
Illuminance uniformity < ±8.5%
Exposure source UV lamp, 250 W (500 W optionally available)
Exposure wavelength Broadband (g/h/i-line)
Exposure timer 0 to 999.9 sec (timer setting mode)
UV lamp degradation correction function Cannot be attached.
Alignment scope Microscope with two fields of view; objectives spaced at intervals of 18 to 60 mm
Alignment accuracy 1.2 μm (when the 20× objective is used)
Alignment gap measurement function Optional
Contact method Soft contact and hard contact
Movement range of manipulator X/Y: ±5 mm, fine movement in 1/8-mm steps, one full rotation
θ: 70°, fine movement in ±7° steps
Z: 3 mm, fine movement in 0.16-mm steps
Movement range of crosswise motion stage X/Y: ±20 mm
Power supply 100 to 110 V AC, 20 A
Utility Air: 0.5 MPa, for driving the microscope
N2: 0.5 MPa, for blowup
Vacuum: -0.08 MPa, for suction of masks and substrates
Outside dimensions (mm) 700 W × 570 H × 650 D
Weight 150 kg
Anti-vibration table Optional


Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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